I’m so bad at Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Rather than filling up the museum or selling, I’m saving one of each fish/critter I catch for an eventual terrarium type room.

Also it has been 2 months and only one person moved. It was Gayle. I want crocodiles, but I don’t like Gayle.


when u hungry but ur food 2 hot image


*Sobbing uncontrollably*


yeah clowns and heights are scary and all but have u ever clogged your friends toilet


Fallout 4 is just gonna happen in real life before it comes out as a game


Lettuce Bacon Green beans Tomato Ally sandwich 

I’m so happy with my current outfit in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I got a black denim jacket and that black hat and DJ Headphones. Then I got my thick glasses, blue wrestling shoes that I pretend are SUPRAS and some khaki cargo pants. :) Exactly what I wanted! I really need to expand my house though.






Mermaid by Sergey Kolesov

Ok, that’s fucking terrifying and cool.

woah I love this interpretation of mermaids. not human sized, but the size of like a blue whale

oh my god i never even considered this. this is bad ass


And another thing to put in my collection of reasons not to go near natural bodies of water.